'Reminds me of 26/11 terror attack': Uddhav Thackeray after masked goons attack JNU

Discussing about Citizenship Amendment Act 20-19 (CAA), '' the main Minister claimed,'No person at Maharashtra has some thing to be concerned about I've caused it to be rather obvious.  I won't ever permit something untoward take place in Maharashtra.'
'There's unrest amid students today, due to the fact they believe dangerous.  This really is actually a stigma on the nation.  No pupil needs to feel fearful, they have been the potential, and also their own idea process has to be shielded, shaped and nurtured.  I'm sure these kinds of violence won't be taken inside our region '

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Monday amped-up strikes about the BJP-led central administration across the barbarous assault versus teachers and students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, evaluating the strikes by hammering vandals armed with sticks and pole into the 26/11 Mumbai terror strikes when 10 terrorists had terminated at men and women in 2008.
Thackeray explained protection in Maharashtra's colleges will probably be raised in the event the authorities finds that there's a requirement to achieve that.
'every thing is going to be achieved in order to ensure college students in Maharashtra are all safe.  I promise them they truly are not safe.  Nobody can get a single hair on your own mind.  Regulations will endure by them take strict actions against legislation ,' he explained.
'This will get evident if that has been a sponsored assault.  Matters will get clear a single .  It's the federal government's endeavor to explore and do it,' he explained, briefly after Congress president Sonia Gandhi issued an announcement regarding the violence which blamed on the judgment BJP administration to its violence.
Reaching from the college students of Maharashtra, Thackeray promised that this kind of episode isn't going to transpire in their nation.  He stated,'That won't be taken in Maharashtra.  What exactly is happening else where is equally improper.  No university student by Maharashtra ought to be scared.'

As a result of this inquiry if he considers this was a sponsored assault in JNU, '' the primary ministry seemed to have adopted a wait and see method.

'The violence in JNU can be just a resounding reminder of this November 26 terror strikes in Mumbai.  . .Those who completed those strikes, concealing their faces behind masksare cowards.  They have to be understood, nabbed and penalized because of their offenses,' the primary minister told a Press conference in his house'Matoshree' at Bandra at Mumbai.

Even the Sena chief known as the violence in JNU about Sunday nighttime that a'stigma on the state'.

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